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Episode 897 August 4, 2012

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Audience Questions

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Watch Paul from Essex, England Comments

Some apps can save data to the SD card and some can't. It has to be built into the app in order to do it, but most apps don't have that capability. According to the chatroom there are ways to move apps, but Leo doesn't recommend it because that doesn't solve the issue of where the data goes.

Doctor Mom says that she can do this with her Galaxy S III. She copied her audio books to her SD card and Audible automatically saw it. It can't be done within the app, and he would have to create an Audible folder, but it's doable. He should just use the same nomenclature.

(Disclaimer: Audible is a sponsor).

Watch Paul from Essex, England Comments

Leo says it might, and it's worth trying. He'll look into it though since Carbonite is one of The Tech Guy sponsors.

Watch Paul from Essex, England Comments

Leo says he's a big fan of Android Tablets, they've definitely come of age. But it's hard to compete with the Google Nexus 7 for only $199.

Watch Mike from Maine Comments

Leo says he'll want a Wireless to Ethernet Bridge, also known as an 'Entertainment Bridge'. It's under $100. He'll want to get one from the same manufacturer as the router he has. Here's an article from D-Link on how to do it.

Scott says the Bravia Internet Video Link is also a good option since Mike has a Sony TV, but Scott's not sure it would work with his model TV. Leo says that at $176, it is pricey. Leo usually suggests to stay within the family when it comes to networking. It always seems to work better.

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Watch Chris from Livermore, CA Comments

There are literally dozens of iPad drawing apps. Here are some that Leo likes, and some suggestions from the chat room:

Watch Jim (K0JIM) from North Dakota Comments

The Nexus 7 doesn't have a lot of internal storage and also doesn't have an SD card slot. He could try connecting the Nexus 7 to his computer via USB and copy the files to it that way. He could also use DropBox, and use that to transfer the files.

Leo suggests not filling up the storage of the Nexus 7, though. One reason the Nexus 7 doesn't have much storage is because everything is moving to the cloud.

Jim was one of Leo's first QSOs when Leo got into Ham Radio.

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Watch Mark from Australia Comments

Mark tried downloading OS X Mountain Lion on his Mac Pro tower, but got an error and couldn't get it to work. He downloaded it fine on his Macbook Pro though, and wants to use that to install it on his Mac Pro. First he should make sure the Mac Pro is compatible with the upgrade. If it is, he can continue the process.

  1. Download Mountain Lion from the App Store.
  2. It's a large file so this could take awhile. Once it downloads, it will automatically initiate the install. He should not install it though because once it installs, it will erase the installer.

  3. Ctrl + Click, or right-click on the installer and choose "Examine Package Contents".
  4. Open the "Resources" folder.
  5. Copy the "installESD.dmg" file to a USB key or DVD.
  6. Insert USB key or DVD into the system he wants to upgrade.
  7. Double-Click the file to install Mountain Lion.

He can make it bootable using a program called Lion Disk Maker that will create a bootable DVD, but Leo doesn't think doing this is all that necessary in this case.

Watch Mark from Australia Comments

The cameras that TWiT uses are Canon Vixia camcorders, which are consumer grade HD camcorders. Like most digital camcorders though, they do best when there's lots of light. In a studio where light is controlled, they work great. Leo's not sure how well they'd work in the field though. If it's going to be used for shorter video in the field, a lot of people are using DSLRs now.

Leo has had very good results from the Canon Vixia cameras. He has 30 of them that are on 24/7, and not one has failed after a year of nonstop use.

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Watch James from New Mexico Comments

Leo says that's a good idea, but another idea is to turn it into "Network Attached Storage" (NAS) running Linux -- FreeNAS or Linux MINT. Then it's not only an archive, but it can be accessed from any computer on his home network.

James should check out this episode of Know How for more on how to get Linux on his old computer.

Watch Paul from Castaic, CA Comments

Since Paul is an all Mac household, Leo recommends getting an AirPort Extreme. It's more expensive than other routers, but they're also the best routers. It handles tough situations where there's crowded bandwidth well, and is also very secure. A lot of Linksys routers have a very insecure 'WPS' encryption. This can't be turned off either to make it secure, so Leo can't recommend that.

He's also having issues streaming TV with Carbonite doing backups. While Carbonite is very good about conserving bandwidth, Paul still might not have enough bandwidth to do all of this at once. It also could be that Paul's ad-hoc network isn't allowing Carbonite to see all of the network activity, and it may be using too much bandwidth because of that. The Airport Extreme may help, but it also could be his limited bandwidth.

Paul is using Gordon West's Ham Material, which he heard about on TWiTs HAM Nation.

Watch Barbara from Little Rock, AR Comments

Taking photos and videos at a concert can be a challenge because of the harsh contrast lighting conditions. Distance will also be an issue. Ideally, she'd want a telephoto lens and a tripod. A DSLR with a nice big CMOS chip is a good option.

Leo recommends the Nikon D3200. It's around $700, but it has a huge APS-C Sensor and the ability to put an external microphone on it.

A micro 4/3s camera like the SONY NEX-5 is another option.

Watch Phil from Tampa, FL Comments

Phil has an HP Laptop and is concerned about the heat coming off his AC adapter. Leo says it's a good idea to keep it where it can get air all around it, but a warm heat is normal. If it's so hot that it burns, he may need to take it in for repair.

He could cool down his laptop by getting a laptop fan pad.