Would a faster graphics card solve problems with lagging while gaming on my PC?

Episode 896 (1:11:43)

Casey from Clovis, CA

Casey loves gaming, but consoles are slow behind the times. Leo says that console games have stagnated over the last 10 years, while PCs have leapfrogged into better graphics and faster processors.

Casey uses his PC for gaming, but he's getting a lot of lag. He's wondering if upgrading his graphics card would improve the performance. Leo says he could upgrade the graphics, but if his CPU isn't fast enough, it will still perform slow. They really work together.

The Chatroom suggests the NVidia 560 to improve performance. For under $100, Leo suggests going to PCper.com and looking at the video card section. They rate cards in all budget categories. The ATI 3870, for instance, is only $70. The Radeon HD6570 x2 is under $50.