Chris Marquardt -- Tips from the Top Floor

Episode 896 (1:24:22)

This month's assignment was ''BBQ''. And Chris has a trio of great images that he thought tell that story really well.
The First - Nature's BBQ. Capturing lightning isn't easy to do either. Set the camera on a tripod towards where you hope it'll be, leave the shutter on bulb for a few seconds and hope it strikes. Then do it again, over and over, until you get one.

Next, comes BBQ by Cadwiz 2004, which focuses on the actual BBQ itself. See the detail of the knobs? Great detail.

Finally, BBQ Bama. Kinda cliche, but you could sell chicken with that. Good light source, warmth of the heat. Meat looks tasty.

Our assignment for next month ... ''VEGGIE''. Take a picture that illustrates the concept VEGGIE. Then upload it to the Flickr and tag it for the TechGuy group and Veggie. If Chris likes it, you may see it featured on a segment next month!