Why does my 1080p PS3 game only work in 720p on my HDTV?

Episode 895 (2:21:03)

Jacob from Alabama
Playstation 3

Jacob first got a game on his XBox 360, and it worked in full 1080p on his HDTV. He then returned it and got the Playstation 3 version of it, but now it only will work at 720p. It says on the box that he has to have a TV that supports HDCP. Leo says HDCP is copy protection, and it's very annoying.

Leo thinks his TV does support HDCP, but he might not have a compliant cable. The reason he didn't have an issue using the Xbox, but does have this problem with the Playstation is that the PS3 has a Blu-Ray player built in. That means they didn't have to implement HDCP on the Xbox. He should check his settings in the PS3 to make sure it's set up properly.