Should I get Direct TV Everywhere or AT&T Uverse for TV service?

Episode 895 (2:00:57)

Tamar from Los Angeles, CA

Tamar is considering AT&T Uverse but the salesperson at Direct TV told her that on Uverse the Internet will slow down when she gets a phone call or watches TV. Leo says it may be true, but she'd have sufficient internet bandwidth to easily do both. However If she's watching an HD TV show and recording another HD show on DVR, then the internet speed will suffer because Uverse puts a higher priority on the TV signal.

She also is wondering if she would run into the bandwidth cap of 250GB a month if she's recording radio shows and downloading audio podcasts daily. Leo says audio is very small, and she would easily stay within her limits with that. If she's downloading video regularly, especially in HD, then she'll hit that cap.

Leo would look into a local cable company for internet and TV if that's an option in her area. Typically cable has a faster internet connection and they have better deals when bundled with TV. There's a website that can help called Broadband Reports. People can report in about their experience with internet service providers.