Scott Wilkinson, Home Theater Magazine

Episode 895 (33:57)

Scott says that the Opening Ceremonies was fantastic, and he loved Mr. Bean playing Chariots of Fire. Scott says that over 80% of US homes have 3D available and DirecTV is showing it in 3D. He's also shocked at how little promotion 3D was getting for the Olympics.

It's also annoying that the events are taped delayed, especially 3D coverage which is delayed by as much as 24 hours. He asked Panasonic about it and they said it was NBCs decision to delay it. Leo says it's very disappointing and in the Twitterverse, it's going to be very problematic not to have spoilers. Sporting events should be live.

In Japan, they're broadcasting in Super High Defintion on NHK, 16 times High Def with 22.2 Multi Channel surround. MAN! Leo says he'd love to see what that's like. And they're showing SHD live streams in movie theaters in Great Britain as well.

This week on Home Theater Geeks, Scott's guests are two PhDs from the MIT Media Lab showing off glasses free 3D flat panels that they're presenting at SIGGRAPH next week. And Scott's getting the scoop!