Why won't Flash video work on my Droid Razor that was recently updated to Ice Cream Sandwich?

Episode 894 (55:12)

Carol from Los Angeles, CA

The problem actually comes from Adobe since they stopped supporting mobile flash. It's likely that the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich wiped out Flash support. Some videos that aren't encoded to HTML5 won't play on it. Android Advices has a side load method to load flash onto her phone to fix that. She could also use SkyFire, a browser that may help as it converts flash on their end to something her phone could watch.

The real problem is that the sites she's trying to visit are just not optimized for mobile. In many cases, they would rather she download their mobile app instead. Going back to an old version of the operating system won't help her either in the long run because we're in a transition. It also might be that the sites she's going to don't want her to watch on the phone.