What's the best way to watch my home TV remotely?

Episode 894 (1:04:56)

Scott from Alabama

Scott is trying to decide between the SlingBox Pro and the Monsoon Blast. Belkin also makes a similar device called the @TV Plus. These devices connect to a home theater system and internet, and allows users to watch their home cable or satellite TV.

PC Magazine gave the Monsoon Blast a 3 out of 5 stars in their review, so that's probably a recommendation against it. Leo says that Slingbox has been around the longest, so their apps are probably not as buggy and more stable. The other devices offer the ability to record content on the device he'd be accessing it with, though.

Before getting any of these devices, it's important to make sure he'd have enough bandwidth at home. Typically people look at the downstream speed, but in this case it's essential to have enough upstream bandwidth too. A DSL connection with just 128k or 256k upstream isn't going to be enough for this. Leo says to do this reliably over the internet, he'd need at least 512k up. If he can get 1Mb up, he can get almost HD quality. (Disclaimer: Slingbox is a sponsor).