What should I get to do Skype calls on the road? (Part 2)

Episode 894 (16:48)

Dave from Crystal Lake, IL

Dave's wondering whether to get a Nexus 7, a Galaxy Tab 7 inch, or the iPod Touch. His wife and daughter have iOS devices. Leo says one reason to stay with iOS is that he can continue to use the same apps instead of buying new ones. On the other hand, the Nexus 7 is actually cheaper than an iPod touch at $200 for 8GB and $250 for 16GB. It's also much less than the Galaxy Tab 7inch.

He should keep in mind that there are strong rumors that Apple will be doing a 7 inch tablet in the fall. Leo thinks it would be a little more than the Nexus 7, but close in price. The other thing he should know is that both the iPod Touch and the Nexus 7 are strictly Wi-Fi devices. If he's on the road and doesn't have Wi-Fi, he might want to get a 3G enabled device. In that case, he should get a Galaxy Tab or an iPad with 3G or 4G data.

Ultimately, Leo recommends the iPad, especially since his wife and daughter are also iOS users and he already has the apps.