How can I order prints of photos on an iPad?

Episode 894 (37:26)

Jeff from Anaheim, CA

Jeff's dad has an iPad and has been scanning photos in using the Camera Connection Kit. Now he wants to order prints of those photos. There's a company called They have some great apps which also includes sending post cards or greeting cards. There's also SmugMug, which is similar to Flickr, but he could order high quality, professional style printing with a lot of options.

The issue Jeff is running into is having the apps or services access photos he's imported instead of photos taken with the iPad. Leo says they should be going right into the camera roll of the iPad, which is where those apps would get the photos. He could try buying Apple's iPhoto for $5. It will keep its own albums, but it can also export to the camera roll.

He also can try Awesome Files, which he can use to move photos around and get them to a place where other apps could access them. RJ in the studio confirmed that Snapfish, an iPhone app which would work fine on the iPad, will see photos imported from the Camera Connection Kit.