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Watch Taylor from Ohio Comments

There are a few different methods for accomplishing this:

  • Multiple Wi-Fi routers
  • He could put each ISP connection on a separate router, and then choose which router to connect to. If he didn't want to do it via Wi-Fi, he could conceivably have two separate wired networks. Then he'd have to have two network cards and plug the two ethernet cables into each one, and choose the network card he'd want to use.

  • VLANs (Virtual Local Area Network) & Gateway routers
  • This is the best way to do it. It's more complicated up front, but easiest at the end. This is what we use at the TWiT studios. We use Astaro Gateways. He'll want to search online for how to set this up.

Watch Andrew from Rochester, NY Comments

Since he wants to play commercial music on this radio station, it gets a little tricky with licensing. If it was just him doing talk shows, it's a much easier thing to do. There are a few solutions for this:

  • Live 365
  • This is the one that Leo likes and recommends. They make it easy to create a station, and also handle the licensing. There's a good community there, and he'll also be in a directory where people can discover his station. This also would mean he'd get on internet radio devices.

  • Live City
  • This is a hosting company that will handle the royalty payments, but doesn't do the back end.

  • ShoutCast
  • This will get him in the directories, but Leo's not sure how he'd handle royalties on it.

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Watch Jeff from Denver, CO Comments

Leo says that's called a "ground loop." He should make sure he's using a grounded power supply, and that the plug itself is grounded. Sometimes even though he may be using a three pronged electrical outlet in the wall, it may not be properly grounded. He could get an inexpensive ground tester from Radio Shack.

The chatroom also says that since the noise happens before he turns on the amp, that the transformer may be physically vibrating in the case. If that's the case, it's definitely the AMP that is the issue and not the ground in his house.

Lawndog in the chatroom says that buzz from the amp could be coming from the lamination of the transformer which is so old that the lamination has separated from the transformer slightly and it's vibrating at 60hz.

Watch Mark from Maryland Comments

What it comes down to is whether he wants the maximum speed or maximum flexibility. The benchmarks Leo's seen show that the Macbook Pro with Retina display is faster than the Mac Pro that he bought last year. There's a few reasons for that. It has a faster graphics card, a faster i7 Ivybridge processor, and the SSD (Solid State Drive) makes it much faster. But there's not much internal upgradeability. He can't upgrade the memory though, it's only 8GB or 16GB and it's soldered to the motherboard. It does have two thunderbolt ports, so he could plug in fast external drives and devices.

If he were to get a 27" Apple Cinema Display, he could plug it into the thunderbolt port on the Macbook Pro, and then use it without even opening the laptop. Then it'd be just like having a desktop computer.

Leo suspects Apple is phasing the Mac Pro tower out, despite the faint promise of a new one in 2013. No one really knows though. Since the bulk of Apple's profits come from mobile and consumer products, he no longer believes that Apple supports the professional user. He should probably get the Macbook Pro with Retina display and get the most memory he can.

Watch Bob from Moreno Valley, CA Comments

Bob has a 64GB hard drive which isn't very big and fills up fast, especially since Windows will take up about half of that. He should first find out what is on his hard drive and clear out a bunch of things that he doesn't need. To do this, Leo recommends a program called WindDirStat. On the Mac there's a program called DiscInventoryX. This gives a visual display of what's on the drive. He can search in Windows by size, so he could find big files without downloading anything. He should be careful of what he deletes, because you don't want to get rid of vital system files.

The other thing he could do is backup anything he doesn't need. He can get a 1TB external drive for under $100. He could backup his data, and then start over by reinstalling Windows. He also could look at all the programs he has installed in Control Panel and uninstall things he doesn't use.

He also can offload a lot of files into the cloud. Google Music or Amazon's cloud music service would allow him to keep his music in the cloud. The other advantage of doing this is that his music would be available on all of his devices. Microsoft SkyDrive will give him 7GB of offsite storage in the cloud.

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Watch Gary from Newport Beach, CA Comments

Gary heard Marissa Mayer speak one time and says that she'll have a great chance to do great things and change Yahoo, if the board lets her. Leo agrees and says they wouldn't give someone $61 million and not let her do the job…then again, this IS Yahoo.

Watch Monica from Torrance, CA Comments

If everything else is working on that network, then it's clear the laptop is the issue. It's possible that they're using a WPA2 password and the laptop doesn't support that. Since the laptop isn't that old, Leo doesn't think that's it. She is getting signal on the laptop, it's just not connecting to the internet. It could be Internet Explorer. Try another browser like Google Chrome or Firefox. It's also possible that the laptop is mis-configured for the new network. It may also be that malware is causing it, such as DNS Changer. If it's malware, it may be necessary to backup all data, format the drive, and reinstall Windows.

There is a way to find out if it's a connection issue or something else. She could go to command line (start, run, type "cmd" and hit enter). Then type "PING" If it works, then the connection works. Unfortunately the best solution is to just have someone come to her house and look at it, because this is a very difficult problem to diagnose.

Watch Mark from Ventura, CA Comments

It's possible to temporarily change fonts by pressing "control +" in any browser. He could also change the font sizes within webmail of most email clients. If he goes to Internet Explorer's options page, and goes to Accessibility, he can override font sizes there. He can also make a global font size change that will change it everywhere by just changing the DPI in Windows.

If changing the font size in Internet Explorer doesn't work, he should try clearing the browser cache. Or try another browser like Chrome or Firefox. He should also make sure to use plain text in email instead of email with formatting.

Watch Drew from Oceanside, CA Comments

Drew is about to go away to school and is torn between the Samsung Galaxy S III and the iPhone. Leo says there's likely going to be a new iPhone in the Fall, so he may want to wait. But right now the Galaxy SIII is the better choice, especially since the Galaxy SIII runs 4G LTE and the iPhone won't. The Galaxy S III has a 1280x800 4.8" screen too which is a big difference from the iPhone's 3.5" screen.

Drew also wanted to know if he should get a service plan with it, and Leo doesn't recommend that. It's basically insurance, and most of the cell phone service plans have such big deductibles that it makes more sense to self-insure. Getting the phone repaired or replaced easily is one advantage to having an iPhone, but Leo says to just be careful with it and get a case for the Galaxy S III.