What simple smartphone would you recommend as an upgrade from a feature phone?

Episode 892 (27:49)

Sandy from Huntington Beach, CA
iPhone vs Galaxy S III

Generally, for most people, the iPhone is the right choice. Sandy was at a Verizon store, and they recommended she get a Lucid by LG. Leo says not to get that. It's a junky Android smartphone, and if she's going to get Android, she should look at the Samsung Galaxy S III or the HTC One.

Some advantages to the Galaxy S III include a larger screen, 4G through Verizon, and a replaceable battery. It also is thinner and lighter, and Android would allow her to make more adjustments and customizations to the phone such as the on-screen keyboard. It is a personal decision and Leo recommends going into the store and playing with both to see which one Sandy prefers.

For her first smartphone, however, an iPhone might be a better choice. And If she can wait until September or October, a new iPhone is likely to be released.