How can I play video from my computer using VLC to my TV? (Part 1)

Episode 892 (1:38:55)

Kevin from Trinidad
Boxee Box

Kevin uses the very versatile and free VLC Player to play videos from his computer, and he wants to play that content on his TV. He could always connect his computer to his TV using HDMI, but Kevin wants to do it wirelessly. He's looking for an equivalent to Apple TV.

Apple uses something called "AirPlay" which is really just a slightly modified and rebranded DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance). This is a standard created by the DLNA Trade Organization for how consumer electronics can "talk" to televisions. If he has a DLNA compatible notebook, and a DLNA compatible TV, then it's possible to select the TV in his media player to stream the video. But this capability needs to be built in.

He could get a DLNA set top box. A Boxee Box, Google TV, or Western Digital TV Live (which is probably the best DLNA device). The next thing is to get DLNA Media Server software for his Windows computer. TV Mobili is a free, open-source DLNA solution.