How can I get my DVDs onto a portable hard drive?

Episode 892 (1:23:08)

Walter from Huntington, WV

Since Walter doesn't have DVD menus and extra features to contend with, he can just rip the DVD to his hard drive and re-author a disc from that. There's a program called DVD Shrink which can put commercial DVDs on his hard drive so he could both create a new DVD of the content and play it from his hard drive. Leo doesn't think he would need this though.

Leo recommends a free program called Handbrake. If he wants to rip commercial DVDs as well, he'll need to install VideoLan/VLC Media Player to rip DVDs. Leo doesn't think he'll be burning any more DVDs, and will probably just watch the videos from his computer from now on. Since Handbrake will encode it in MPEG4 for best playback on the computer, if he does want to burn a DVD, he'll have to re-transcode it to MPEG2 which will degrade quality slightly.

If he wants to burn a DVD and preserve full quality, he can make an ISO image of the DVD and he'll get everything without having to transcode it. CloneDVD will do that.