Chris Marquardt - Tips from the Top Floor

Episode 892 (1:01:48)

Chris Marquardt’s topic today is … what does your left hand do when you’re shooting? Usually, you shoot by steadying your camera under the lens. Just holding the entire camera with one hand is not only difficult, it’s unstable. Your left hand is a point of stability that carries the weight, especially if you anchor your elbow against your rib cage. Then you become a kind of tripod for your camera. It’s all about stability. And looking through your viewfinder will also help provide stability.

Chris also heard about Klein’s question about backing up off site, and he knows from a painful personal experience that you off-site backup is critical. Take a drive to work, keep it in your car, anywhere but where your computer is.

This month’s assignment - Barbeque (BBQ)! Take a picture that illustrates the concept BBQ. Then upload it to the Flickr and tag it for the TechGuy group and BBQ. If Chris likes it, you may see it featured on a segment next month!