Is it possible to keep music I'm listening to on Pandora? (Part 1)

Episode 890 (58:16)

George from Downey, CA

No, but there are plenty of other options for having more control over his music. Pandora is an internet radio station that is free with ads or without ads for a small monthly fee. The music industry allows it to exist because there are some limitations with it. For instance, it's not possible to pick a song and it only allows for a certain number of song skips per day.

To be able to pick individual songs and play them offline, he'll have to pay $10 a month. There are a number of services that offer this including Rhapsody, MOG, Rdio, and Leo's favorite, Spotify. These services all have similar libraries with roughly 19 million songs. The advantage of these is that he could save albums to his phone, and listen offline. But he has to keep paying for it to listen, otherwise it's gone.

If he wants to keep music, he'll have to buy it. iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon MP3 all are places where he can buy songs. They'll cost around $0.99 a song, sometimes slightly more or less. All of these services have the ability to also keep the music available in the cloud as well, so he can re-download them on his other devices.