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Episode 887 June 30, 2012

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Audience Questions

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Watch Peter from Brooklyn, NY Comments

Since he's using the very new Buffalo 802.11 AC router, hey may be out of luck at this time. He can try using any range extender available, but it may not work with the new A/C wireless spec. Generally, Leo advises getting a Wi-Fi extender from the same manufacturer of the router, and as soon as Buffalo comes out with one for the new A/C spec, that's what he should get.

Watch Derek from Clayton, NC Comments

It’s likely that YouTube won’t allow that for user privacy reasons. There is a product called Tube Toolbox that claims to do that, but he has to be careful he doesn’t run afoul of the YouTube Terms of Service. Last thing he'd want is to have his channel removed.

It may be tedious, but Derek could get his subscriber list just by copying and pasting.

Check out Derek’s Big D Wiz Old School Stereo Channel.

Watch Alan from Minnesota Comments

The problem with using the camera's internal mic is that it picks up motor noise from the camera. When shooting video on a DSLR, Leo recommends using an external mic that can plug into the mini-jack on the camera. Leo uses an adapter from Beachtek that he can connect to the camera so that he can plug in professional microphones.

Another good option is the Rode VideoMic which plugs right into the mini-jack and mounts onto the hotshoe.

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Watch Jillian from San Juan Capistrano, CA Comments

Jillian wants to replace her home phone line and home internet service with a smartphone that has a hotspot capability. She's also wondering if she should look for 4G.

Leo says it really depends on whether or not she's in a 4G area. It would be a mistake to get a 4G device if she doesn't have it, so she should check the coverage map.

For a phone, Leo recommends getting the Samsung Galaxy SIII. It has 4G, and has a hotspot functionality although she'll have to pay extra for that.

Watch Juan from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Leo says that WIX looks to use flash primarily and it won’t work on mobile devices. Even Adobe has finally realized that Flash is doomed. So Leo recommends to either choose the HTML5 option instead, or go with another host. But Leo also says that Juan’s existing site is clean, professional and attractive. He should stick with it.

Check out Juan’s Tutoring site at

Watch Jeff from Woodstock, CT Comments

If it's an Android phone, yes. If it's an iPhone, no. If it's just a feature phone, it may be possible but it's more difficult. There are a couple of programs that will work on Android: MightyText and PhoneDeck.

Since Jeff has an LG Rumor Touch, which is more of a feature phone, it's unlikely he'll be able to do this. Leo recommends he bring it to an independent phone store that would be able to take care of this for him.

Watch Steve from San Diego, CA Comments

Yes, but he'll need to be careful. It would be a good idea for him to have AT&T unlock his phone if he's out of contract. They might unlock it for him anyway since he's going overseas, so it's worth asking. Once he's unlocked it he can buy a SIM card in Vietnam. He may find a good deal there.

The other option is to buy an international data plan through AT&T. This is more expensive, but he'd be able to keep his own phone number while traveling.

A good site to check for more information is

Watch Ruben from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Ruben is trying to connect his Mac Mini to his 23" LG LCD screen using a Thunderbolt to DVI adapter. Every time he puts the computer to sleep, however, he can't get the monitor to work again.

Ruben read online that the Mac Mini may be looking for an HDMI connection first, and Leo actually thinks that's a better way to connect to his screen anyway. HDMI to DVI is a very straightforward connection.

Watch Lance from Massachusetts Comments

For cassettes, he can just connect his tape player into his sound card and use Audacity to record them.

Video is a little more difficult. He'll need a video capture card to get the video into the PC. Lance mentioned a product by Ion called Video 2 PC Digital Video Converter which uses USB to capture video. Leo recommends staying away from USB for video capture because it's too slow. Using Firewire or an actual video capture card for the computer is better, but Lance has a laptop that doesn't have either of those options. It will have to be compressed heavily in order to work, but VHS isn't great quality anyway.

There's another more high-end product called the Blackmagic Design Video Recorder he could look into as well.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Bobby from Los Angeles, CA Comments

AT&T likely won't allow him to buy his own modem, but a new router might help. Leo likes D-Link routers, so he could use that instead of the 2wire. But Leo thinks it's the actual AT&T U-Verse service that's the issue, though. It could be bad phone wiring in or around the house, so he'll want to call and complain to AT&T.

Watch Paul from Colorado Comments

There are a number of options for playing music on a Mac into a stereo:

  • Apple TV
  • This would work if he has an A/V receiver with an HDMI input. Paul has an older receiver with RCA inputs though, so he'll need something else.

  • Apple Airport Express
  • This is $99, and actually is a wireless router with an analog audio jack. He can tell iTunes to play out to the Airport Express. This wouldn't be much different than taking the line out from the computer, though.

Since Paul has high-end audio gear, he probably will be interested in something called a DAC (or Digital to Analog Converter). A computer's soundcard can convert digital to analog, but it could be noisy and not as high-quality. There are products that will do this conversion outside of the computer:

These are just a couple of examples, but there are a wide range of choices anywhere from $15 to $15,000.

Watch Richard from Stevenson Ranch, CA Comments

Generally speaking, cable internet is faster than DSL, but it isn't as consistently fast. Cable internet is shared bandwidth, so as more people in one neighborhood use the internet, the slower the speeds will be. DSL is not shared in the neighborhood, it's shared back at the telephone company's central office. So generally speaking, DSL may not reach the peak speeds that cable can, but it is more consistent. It really depends on how the internet service is implemented.

Watch Tom from Irvine, CA Comments

Leo likes Google Voice because it allows you to forward your phone to all your phones. It’ll also receive faxes and give you a transcript of your voicemail (now this isn’t all that great, but you can usually figure it out). There are paid services like Ring Central, which is good for business, but doesn’t make sense for a person. Grasshopper is a bit cheaper and works for individuals, but Google Voice is free.

Since Tom's phone seemed to stop working with Google Voice, Leo suggests that Tom go back to the Google Voice settings, delete the phone and reattach it. That may resolve the issue, but the chatroom says that Tom’s problems with Google Voice are a known issue with his Sprint service.

Watch Brian from Florida Comments

Leo says that Adobe makes a flash player for Android if he has Gingerbread OS or later. Go to and search for "Adobe Flash Player". They have announced they'll be discontinuing it though, so he should get it while he can.