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Episode 886 June 24, 2012

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Heidi from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Heidi can get the code for the Like button here. For site statistics, she can get Google Analytics. This will let her see how many visitors she gets, how many return, and where they are all around the world.

Check out Heidi’s children’s web series called Kumiko's Kaleidoscope.

Watch Sean from Illinois Comments

Sean has a sports bar and is wondering why his HDTV is about a 1/2 second behind all of the other standard definition TVs. Leo says HD takes a lot more bandwidth and it’ll take a little more time than SD to transmit and encode. If he wants the TVs to all be in sync, he can install a box that will delay the SD signal slightly. Of course, this may also be the reason why most sports bars don’t turn up the volume.

Chris, in Rosamond, says there may be a HiDef DVR in there and it runs through the hard drive causing the delay. Disconnecting it can solve that. The chatroom also says there may be a delay adjustment in the settings of the HDTV itself. Or, pick one as the audio source for the whole bar.

Watch Ellie from Honolulu, HI Comments

Since iWeb does use standard FTP publishing, she can keep her site intact when she changes web hosts. The problem is, programs like iWeb or FrontPage create proprietary websites that are dependent on those programs. There are a lot of great web hosting services like SquareSpace, but they do not work with iWeb. (Disclaimer: SquareSpace is a sponsor). Blogger and Wordpress are good sites to use, and Wordpress even has an import tool for iWeb.

Another good web design tool is SandVox, which converts iWeb into a more standard website that you can tidy up. Ellie should make sure to publish a copy on her hard drive too. The good thing about this is that it works with any web host. RapidWeaver is another good web design tool.

Ellie’s website is Hawaii Through Our Eyes

Watch Dean from Thousand Oaks, CA Comments

Turn off the router, then turn off the DSL modem. Turn on the modem and wait a minute, then turn on the router and wait a minute. With a cable modem, this signals back to the home office that he's changed hardware, and sometimes with cable modems that's sufficient. Sometimes it's necessary to call the cable provider and tell them they've tied to a specific MAC address. Each device on a network has a unique "MAC" address, and since he tried a new router, the modem may have to go back to the previous MAC address.

It could have been that the old router was set up to clone the PC's MAC address. So the DSL modem saw the MAC address of the router, and was attached to that particular hardware. When the router got reset, it no longer cloned the PC's MAC address. So when he hooked up the modem to the computer, it saw the correct MAC address and worked.

Leo also suggests making sure that he's using DHCP, which he can check in the network settings in the computer. Dean should really call the internet service provider.

Watch Chris from Rosamond, CA Comments

Chris says there may be a HiDef DVR in there and it runs through the hard drive causing the delay. Disconnecting it can solve that. The chatroom also says there may be a delay adjustment in the settings of the HDTV itself. Or, pick one as the audio source for the whole bar.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Craig from Rolling, NJ Comments

The closest is Adobe Lightroom. He’ll have to go through his Aperture catalog and save out jpegs of all the changed images he’s got on Aperture.

These photos are all on an external drive too, which means they likely won't be read on a Windows machine. There are programs he can run on Windows that will let him read a Mac format, but Leo suggests getting another drive formatted NTFS. He should keep the current drive as a backup. He can also use MacFuse to read the NTFS drive on his Mac.

Here’s a great article on how to migrate from Aperture to Lightroom.

Watch Warren from San Diego, CA Comments

Warren's speakers are unpowered. They need an amplifier to power them. He'll need to take the line level out of the soundcard from the back of his computer, which is a mini-jack that will go into his pre-amp. Then that will go into his big powered McIntosh amplifier, which will go into the JBL speakers. He should think of his computer as an aux input.

There will be a pair of left/right RCA jacks on the pre-amp (Leo's not sure if the McIntosh will have that because it's older), and he'll need to have a mini-phono plug because that is what the phono plug coming from the computer is.

Watch Dave from Merced, CA Comments

Lightroom was originally designed for a professional photographer who imports a great many pictures and wants to quickly go through them, picking the photos he wants, and then retouch the images. The original Lightroom did this in a photojournalistic way. Unlike Photoshop where you can modify photos, Lightroom was good for things like changing white balance, color levels, dodge and burn, etc. Essentially the idea is that Lightroom is for a pro or semi-pro photographer who wants to go through a lot of photos, pick the right shots and adjust colors. It also has great presets that can make changes automatically, even in a batch mode. It's also possible to copy and paste settings from one photo and apply it to a bunch of photos.

Lightroom doesn't eliminate the need for Photoshop, in fact because it comes from Adobe it integrates well with it. It supports Adobe Camera RAW which is the same processing that Photoshop uses. Lightroom can be thought of as a management and quick editing tool for photojournalists.

Watch Dave from Merced, CA Comments

If Dave has Fuji lenses and wants to stay with Fuji, then the HS25 is a very nice camera to look at. Leo has a friend who is a police officer who photographs fires, and he uses less expensive cameras because he doesn't want to risk damaging his expensive cameras in the heat of the blaze. His site is Fireground Action Photography.

Leo thinks Dave would benefit from using a camera with a larger sensor, though. If it's time to upgrade, it may be time to get a DSLR which would allow him to get longer lenses, telephoto lenses, wider lenses and shoot in lower light. Having more capability with the lenses and his camera can give him shots he wouldn't get otherwise. The more pixels in the sensor, the more information and detail he'll have to work with.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Justin from Bakersfield, CA Comments

This is a cautionary tale to everyone with a laptop that they put a password on the system so that when it goes to screensaver or goes to sleep, it requires a password to get back in. Since Justin didn't have that, and he has DropBox on that system, he has data that he'd like to delete.

DropBox doesn't offer a remote delete capability, but the chatroom offers a link on how to do this. Unfortunately if he already unlinked the account, then this won't be possible. He should call DropBox support though and see what they could do for him.

Watch Chip from Cherry Hill, NJ Comments

This is because security in the browser is paramount. Everyone including Firefox, Google, Microsoft and Apple all realize browsers have to be kept up to date. Microsoft has even created a site begging people still using IE6 to upgrade. Chip says he liked the separate search boxes in the older browsers, but Leo says it's not worth the security risk of staying with an older version. Firefox also had a severe problem with memory leaking causing a crash, so updating will fix that too.

Chip has a Roboform extension that won't work with the new version. Leo recommends using LastPass instead. It's free and works on every platform.

Watch Rowland from Hutchinson, KS Comments

They are two very different things. The Mac Mini is a Macintosh computer that runs OS X and iPhones, iPads and iPods can sync to it. The iPad itself cannot sync with devices. Since he already has a Mac Mini he can continue to use that as the computer he syncs his devices with, and get the new iPad.

Rowland also wanted to know if Mountain Lion would run on his system. Mac Minis that came out prior to 2007 won't run Mountain Lion. There's an article he can check that has the required specifications for OS X Mountain Lion.

Watch Rowland from Hutchinson, KS Comments

Target Disk Mode on the Mac is activated by holding down the "t" key while booting up, and it makes the computer into a hard drive that can be mounted onto another computer. Rowland says his tower is stuck in this mode. Leo suggests pressing and holding the power button until the computer shuts off, then start it up again. Rowland says it still boots back up into Target Disk Mode. It could be his keyboard, and the "t" key is stuck. He should try unplugging the keyboard and booting the machine up again.

Watch William from Baton Rouge, LA Comments

No, he won't lose anything because both applications use the same database now. When he opens his photo library in Aperture 3.3, it will convert it to a format that can be read by both Aperture and iPhoto.

Watch Gary from Rancho Cuca Monga, CA Comments

Leo was using the Galaxy Note as his primary phone until the Galaxy SIII came out. Leo thinks the Galaxy S III is the best phone out, with the HTC One being the closest runner up on the Android side. If he really wants a very large screen, the Note is still the way to go, but the Galaxy S III actually has the same resolution.

Leo has no hesitation in saying the Galaxy S III is the best phone he's ever used. As far as battery life goes, Leo got an extra battery for the Galaxy S III. This is one advantage over the HTC One, which does not have the option to replace batteries.

Watch Elizabeth from Hermosa Beach, CA Comments

No, she really shouldn't feel she has to wait for it. Windows 8 will not be out until September or possibly October. The hardware for Windows 8 could also be different. Leo's opinion is that Windows 7 is still the best version of Windows ever, and he's very skeptical about Windows 8. If she bought a PC today, most of them offer a $15 upgrade to Windows 8 when it's released so she could still get it if she wanted it. But since Windows 8 is so tablet-like, it really begs for a touch screen.

Leo thinks that when Windows 8 comes out, there will be such outcry from business about it that Microsoft will probably announce that they'll keep Windows 7 alive for 10 more years. It will have a much longer shelf-life because business does not want to move to a tablet interface.

Watch Sam from Downey, CA Comments

All versions so far have had a kiosk mode, so Leo can't imagine that the functionality wouldn't be there in Windows 8. Sam wants his software to enable kiosk mode when in use, and Leo thinks since it's just a registry key modification, he could include that.

There are articles from Lockergnome, HelpDeskGeek, and Team Tutorial that can help with this.

Watch Jerry from Phoenix, AZ Comments

Leo says yes! The retina display is stunning.