I'm looking to get a 2TB hard drive, but so many reviews talk about high failure rates. What's a good drive to get?

Episode 884 (14:12)

Rick from San Clemente, CA

Leo says companies have all had different problems with their drives, and now because of acquisitions there's only a handful of hard drive manufacturers. Leo recommends Western Digital though. They have the Caviar Green and the Caviar Black. If he just needs a backup drive, Leo would get the Caviar Green. It's slower, but uses less energy. If Rick really needs the speed, he should go with the Black.

If he's going to buy a drive, Leo suggests going to Newegg.com. The prices are great, and the reviews are accurate. Leo would rather have two 1TB drives though because then he could have the operating system on one drive, and the data on the other. The 2TB drives could also be a little more prone to failure because the data is compacted so much more.

If Rick really is interested in speed, Leo suggests getting a smaller, Solid State Drive. He could have a 128GB SSD drive to use for booting and running the operating system, and a larger, spinning hard drive for data.