Scott Wilkinson, Home Theater Magazine

Episode 883 (27:55)

Scott joins us to talk home theater. Leo saw Prometheus in 3D, and while he hates 3D, he found it to be subtle and well used. But he felt it didn't really help the story and the image was too dark. Scott says that watching it in IMAX or EPX (at AMC) is better for it because it uses two projectors. Most of the Z Axis was behind the screen plane, rather than in front, so the depth is more accurate and is the secret to good 3D.

Scott decided not to go see it though because he diesn't like "yuckiness," which is the hallmark of an alien film. And it's really two movies -- the first half a good sci-fi film, and second a blood soaked horror movie. So it's not for the faint of heart.

Questions - Why doesn't an AV Receiver that has HDMI inputs decode Dolby TrueHD or DTS HD and how can he hear them? Scott says it's a simple fix, have the Blu-Ray player decode them. It should be in the settings. Set it to PCM (pulse code modulation or uncompressed audio). The receiver will then handle the signal from there. And if the player has multichannel analog outputs for 7.1, you can connect those to the receiver if they have corresponding inputs.

This Monday on HTG, Tyll Hertsen, editor of Inner Fidelity, will talk about blind testing and why it's important.