My copy of Maya from Autodesk expired and now it won't let me reinstall. What can I do?

Episode 882 (29:16)

Jim from El Monte, CA

Maya from Autodesk is 3D rendering and animation software, and Jim forgot to activate it during the trial period. Now it won't let him reinstall it. He contacted their tech support, and they told him that he needs to go into the Terminal (OS X's command line) to fix it.

Leo says this is exactly what's wrong with copy protection. Autodesk wants to protect their software, but they're actually making things much more difficult for the honest users. This doesn't deter pirates because they know how to strip out the copy protection. In fact, the pirated version may even be more stable because the copy protection is junky. Jim will just have to follow their process of going into Terminal to remove that lock and start over.