How can I extend the HDMI connection from my TV to my Playstation 3 located 30ft away?

Episode 882 (1:19:36)

Matt from Colorado

Matt's problem is in getting the Playstation 3 to transmit the 1080p HD signal from that far away.

Leo recommends this HDMI® Extender Using Cat5e or CAT6 Cable. It can extend his HDMI up to 98ft.

Leo also likes the Actiontec MyWirelessTV Multi-Room Wireless HD Video Kit. Leo wasn't using it as far away as Matt wants to, but he was surprised at how well this worked.

Matt says that he has to drop the signal to 720p to get any signal at all out of it. Leo thinks that might not be the cable then. Digital either will work or not, so there may be something else going on.