Can DSL Extreme handle VOiP (Skype, Vonage, etc)?

Episode 882 (37:18)

Darryl from Palm Desert, CA

Darryl is trying to get his parents off of their bundled services, and is wondering if DSL is adequate enough for services like Skype or Vonage for phone service. DSL Extreme can certainly handle this, but Darryl would want to look into something faster than the basic $12.95/month service. One issue with all DSL is that you have to be within a couple of kilometers of the central office. In more rural, distant areas it may not even be possible to get DSL at all, but DSL Extreme would be able to tell him. (Disclaimer: DSL Extreme is a sponsor of the radio show).

He also wants to hook them up with satellite TV, and is wondering the best way to go for that. Leo says DISH and Direct TV are pretty much the same, but DISH has the new "Hopper" DVR that allows for recording multiple channels at once and can skip over commercials. Direct TV offers more sports, but DISH is generally less expensive (except it may be more with the Hopper).