Why isn't my DSL working whenever the phone is plugged in?

Episode 881 (1:50:22)

Judith from California

First she should make sure the filters they gave her are put on the phone line and not the DSL line. Leo thinks it's an issue with AT&T because the DSL tech tried connecting directly to the AT&T line outside of the house. The problem is that AT&T doesn't have much incentive to help her make this work because she's using DSL Extreme instead of them for internet.

Judith should try using a different phone in case of that being a problem. It also is possible that there's something wrong at the DSL Extreme router within the AT&T Network Operations Center, so she should press DSL Extreme to look into that.

Most likely though, it's on AT&T's end, and she'll have to convince them to fix her issue. Otherwise she'd have to look into getting a separate phone line for DSL.