Is there any software to download the contents of a forum?

Episode 881 (1:08:19)

James from Pennsylvania

To save the contents of a forum, it has to be treated like a webpage. James will need to look to a program that will download websites for offline access. Leo and the chatroom both recommend a free, open-source program called HTtrack. Leo advises exercising caution when using this because it's saving the page and all links locally, and if he has it set to go too deep, it could take up a lot of space. It also could bring a site to its knees because suddenly one user is very active. This could get him banned depending on the site. On the other hand, Google already does this in a sense when they crawl through each site. So it isn't too invasive or deadly, he'll just want to be judicious in his use of it. This will just be a one-time snapshot of the site, though. If James wants to update his stored files, he'll have to run it again.