Scott Wilkinson, Home Theater Magazine

Episode 881 (29:17)

Scott is hoping that we’ll hear more about an Apple Television this week at WWDC. Scott thinks an Apple TV would be great, but also very expensive. Leo doesn’t think it’ll happen, but the good news is that Apple will probably announce an AppleTV SDK so that apps will be able to be written for it, and they can do 99% of what they want to do with AppleTV.

LG also announced a new OLED HDTV which promises to ship in the 4th quarter for the holiday shopping season.

A question from a listener, if he gets Netflix, will he get DTS or Dolby digital streamed as well? Scott says no. It’s lossless audio with 5.1 or 7.1, and the bandwidth would just be way too big for Netflix to handle. And Leo says it’s often the quality of streaming will vary as it’s not really consistent. And in terms of internet speed, reliability and cost, America is in the middle of the pack, even though we invented it!

Today’s home theater poll - How much have you invested in your home theater?

This week on Home Theater Geeks, Scott will be on Tuesday at 11:00a (not Monday this week because of WWDC), Scott will have Michael Fremer, audiophile curmudgeon and editor of Analog Planet. Also, starting in July, Home Theater Geeks will be moving to 1:00pm.