Why can't I get my computer to recognize my Belkin NIC card?

Episode 880 (49:18)

Elias from Whittier, CA

Since the USB port on Elias's computer works for other devices, and the Belkin NIC (Network Interface Controller) card works on other computers, Leo thinks his problem is with drivers. When installing devices via USB, it's important to not plug the device in until the drivers have been installed. Elias did this correctly, though. Belkin support suggested that it could be a firewall preventing the card from accessing the internet, but Leo doesn't think this is likely. Elias should make sure he has all of the latest drivers for the correct model.

Elias also mentioned that he upgraded to Windows 7 from Windows Vista. Leo says there could be old drivers leftover from Vista that are causing problems with Windows 7. That's one of the reasons doing a clean install (meaning erasing the hard drive and starting new) is a good idea. Leo always keeps a Linux boot disc handy, one that he knows works with his system. Elias can download one from Ubuntu. Then he can boot from the Ubuntu disc and see if the USB card is visible from that clean Linux install. If it is visible, then it probably is a driver issue tied to the Windows upgrade. It may be necessary to do a clean reinstall of Windows 7.