Is it possible to recover deleted data on my cell phone?

Episode 880 (21:59)

Jay from Providence, North Carolina

It's possible to recover files on a phone the same as it is to recover files on a computer, if the phone can be mounted as a drive. Or if there's an SD or microSD card that can be mounted on a computer. Since Jay has a feature phone, he'll want to look into a program called Bitpim. This program will allow him to see data if it's a CDMA phone with a qualcomm chipset. If he were to have a smartphone, he could just mount it on his computer and run a file recovery tool.

Leo also recommends trying an independent wireless store, not a big name retail store. They aren’t beholding to any carrier and they just want your business. Often they will have tools to do just about anything, including working with data from cell phones.