Why is my 750GB hard drive showing that it only has 644GB available?

Episode 879 (41:09)

Sunana from Boulder, CO

It's normal for hard drives to show up this way, it's the difference between a binary numeric system and a decimal numeric system. Companies use the decimal system when they market these drives because it sounds better, although the operating system on the computer is reporting this space in binary. Some of that space is also dedicated to a recovery partition, which is important and Sunana should also make physical discs from that partition.

There is a way to see what is occupying the space on the hard drive. Right click on "My Computer", select "Manage" which will open up the Windows Management Console. There's a storage tab there, and clicking on that will show the layout and partitions of the drive. She will see that she does indeed have a 750GB drive, it's just not all available.

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