How can I reverse a choice I made in Windows Vista, blocking Outlook from accessing the internet?

Episode 879 (1:39:00)

Rick from Escondido, CA

Rick is having trouble with Outlook and his Exchange Server. He said he was using POP3 to connect to his cable provider which he assumed was an Exchange server. Leo said Exchange is not POP3, however, because Exchange has its own protocol which is actually more sophisticated. POP3 is the old "Post Office Protocol", which stores the email on the internet service provider's servers only until you gather it, and then deletes it from the server. Exchange always keeps the email on the server.

Rick's problem is with Outlook connecting to the internet, though. When Outlook was trying to access the internet, Rick didn't allow it access one time when the choice popped up in Windows Vista. Now he wants to reverse that decision. He says he's tried turning off UAC, he's also tried turning off the Firewall, but it's still blocking Outlook from connecting. There's dissent in the chatroom over this. Some say it's not UAC, but it's the Firewall. Others say there is a bug in Outlook where if the temp file gets filled, it stops working. Leo looked for the answer of reversing a UAC decision, but isn't finding any easy way to do this.

Generally UAC doesn't permanently block something, it simply asks for administrator credentials when doing something only an administrator can do. Leo thinks Rick assumed it was a UAC choice when it actually was the firewall asking whether or not to block access to the internet. Leo suggests looking at the firewall settings and resetting the firewall in Control Panel.