Why do my photos on ebay not show up until I reformat and reinstall?

Episode 878 (37:12)

John from Fullerton, CA

Leo says John surely shouldn't have to format and reinstall Windows every time this happens. Sometimes security software may block some images, but Leo doesn't think this is the case. Since the problem is with images showing up in Internet Explorer, John should try using a different browser. Leo suggests Google's Chrome. Leo thinks it's an excellent, fast and more secure browser. When John visits the site, if all of the images show up fine in Chrome, then there's probably something wrong in Internet Explorer. If the images still don't show up, it could very well be the site and not anything on John's computer. Pressing the F5 key will refresh the page, or if John holds shift and F5, it will force the entire page to reload.

One way John can find out if it's a problem with his computer is by right clicking where the image should be, and selecting "open in new tab" or "open in new window". This will use the same image address, but will start a new tab or window just for that image. If the image still doesn't show up, then it's missing on the site and isn't his computer. He also can try clearing the cache in the browser settings. This is the only thing Leo can think of that would be different after a reformat and reinstall.