Are the calls I'm getting from Microsoft legit?

Episode 878 (1:25:29)

Richard from Frankfurt, DE

No, it's a scam. Often times it's off duty technical support people in India or China who have free time on their hands. Richard did end up giving them control of his computer, and Leo thinks they likely installed something on it. They tried to collect money also, but Richard shut off the computer before it got that far.

Since Richard's computer probably is infected, he should back up his data, format the hard drive and reinstall Windows. He didn't get an installation disc with his computer, but since he has an HP, they do give the option to make recovery discs. Richard can make a recovery disc or boot into the recovery partition to do the reinstall. Leo doesn't think the scammer was sophisticated enough to modify that partition, although it's possible he did. The best way to reinstall would be for Richard to contact HP and have them send out an install disc so he knows he's getting it from a known, good source.

Microsoft will never call you! If you ever do get a call from them, ask if you may call them back using Microsoft's official toll free number. Most of the time when people call you out of the blue, it shouldn't be trusted.