What camera would you recommend for taking photos and video with sound for a blog?

Episode 877 (47:25)

Rene from Vancouver, BC

Rene is going on a trip to Greece and Italy this summer, and wants to take video with sound in addition to taking photos for her blog. She also wants to have interchangeable lenses, but is on a budget of $600 to $700. There are a few types of cameras to choose from:

  • DSLR
  • This uses a mirrored system, like the old film SLRs. This is the best because they have the biggest sensor, but they are very expensive.

  • APS-C
  • This isn't as big of a sensor as a full frame DSLR, but bigger than a Micro Four Thirds.

  • Micro Four-Thirds
  • This is a mirrorless system, and has a fairly small sensor but is closer to Rene's price range.

MurrayOnTravel in the chatroom suggested the new Nikon D3200 DSLR, which Leo decided is probably the best option. It's 24 megapixels, has an APS-C sensor, has a mini-jack for a microphone, shoots 1080p 30 frames/sec video and comes with the lens for $700. Leo has a couple of tips, though. When it comes to lenses, he would get just the body not the kit lens because she might find something better. Leo thinks the 18-105mm lens is good for travel, but it's a $400 lens so it may be out of Rene's price range. The advantage to getting the Nikon body is that she'll be able to keep her lenses and just upgrade the body in the future. So she should get the best lenses she can afford.

Rene could also look into the Panasonic GX-1. It shoots video in 1080p full high def and is known to have good sound but doesn't have a jack for an external mic, which could be a deal breaker if Rene wants to use an external mic.

Another option is the NEX-F3 from Sony. Leo thinks it’s odd with a smaller body and large lenses, and he recommends Rene go to a camera store to look.

Leo also suggests Rene look at review sites, such as dpreview.com.

Rene’s blog is at PeerWork.wordpress.com.