What are the benefits of the new Buffalo 802.11AC wireless router?

Episode 877 (1:56:17)

Charlie from Tampa, FL

The new Buffalo router uses a new wireless spec called 802.11AC, 80 mhz of bandwidth, and is self tuning. It only uses the 5ghz band, not 2.4ghz like most current wifi uses. Because of that, it won't travel through walls as well. This actually might be a good thing though because it will reduce the chances of interference if there's a lot of wifi networks around. The disadvantage of 5ghz is that it might not work for a whole house as well. Buffalo sells a wireless repeater bridge which would provide more wifi access points. Leo says it’s faster, but it doesn’t really affect his Internet speeds, just his network speed. This is particularly nice for media streaming from the network. Leo says to wait on buying it until it's more of an official standard.

Wifi first started with 802.11b, then 802.11a and g, and then they got to 802.11n. Each time a new wifi spec comes out, there's a new draft standard that the internet engineers propose. Then there's a year or two before it becomes an official standard. 802.11AC is the newest draft standard, and we're at least a year away from it being final. Netgear and Buffalo both are in a race to be the first to release a router based on this new spec.