Why do I have to pay extra to get 'bloatware' removed from my system when I buy from the Microsoft Store?

Episode 876 (1:29:42)

Louis from Alberta, Canada

The Microsoft Store has started selling something called "Signature PCs" with the bloatware removed for an extra $100. Leo says the reason is because manufacturers make money off the software they include on the computer. Apple has never done this. Leo agrees that it shouldn't cost an extra $100 to get a machine free of junk software with an install copy of Windows included. Thanks to Microsoft being so paranoid about piracy, they charge less for a copy of Windows if the PC manufacturer agrees not to give an install disc to the consumer. Leo thinks the PC manufacturers should put their customers ahead of their own greed, stupidity and paranoia. Everyone who buys a computer should get a copy of the operating system clean, with no bloatware. Whenever buying a computer, make sure to ask for an install disc of the operating system. If the company won't give it to you, don't buy that computer.