How can I sync my Android 'HTC Incredible' phone's contacts with Microsoft Outlook?

Episode 875 (1:36:46)

Rene from Long Beach, CA

Unfortunately, Microsoft Outlook will not sync contacts with Android phones, and in fact it doesn't even sync with Windows Phone 7 either. There are a few ways Rene can accomplish this goal, however.

  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • If Rene were using a Microsoft Exchange Server, then it would be possible. Most corporations use this, and with the Exchange Server it works fine.

  • Google Apps
    If Rene were to pay for Google Apps, then he can use a special sync utility to sync with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Third party free software
  • There is a 3rd party solution to this called Contacts Sync from PPPIndia.

Leo suggests making a backup of these Outlook contacts first before using any of these sync options.