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Watch Steven from Irwindale, VA Comments

Steven is 12 and he writes a blog and does a podcast via But most of his shows are over the 1GB limit. And he’s not getting very many views. How can he make it worth it? Leo says that it’s normal to start very small. Leo says the first problem is Steven’s podcast name. There’s a ton of shows with similar titles crowding the field. Perhaps something less generic will help you draw those looking for the content you create.

Steven’s show is called This Week in News.

Watch Fawn from Calabassas, CA Comments

Fawn bought a new computer and she gave her computer to a friend to transfer her data from the old one to the new one. But he forgot and wiped her drive. Where should she begin? With Windows 7 or 8? Leo says that Windows 8 won’t be out until October, so that’s a long time to wait. Go with Windows 7. But the data is gone. Going forward, though, it’s a good idea to have backups.

But what should she do first? Leo says that as a Windows user, visit for a checklist of common software. You can check them and it’ll install them automagically. Also make sure you’ve installed an antivirus utility. Chrome, Evernote.

Watch Mark (W5MHG) from New Mexico Comments

Mark got a new MAC and is concerned that transferring everything over will mess up his Parallels setup. Leo says it won’t. Just transfer the folder that has all your virtual Windows set ups and Parallels will pick up right where it left off!

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Watch Alley from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Alley charges his HTC EVO 3D phone in the car, but it gets really hot. Leo says that as long as it’s not too hot to touch, then that’s normal. But if it’s really hot, that isn’t normal. Leo advises to take it back to the store and request a replacement. Tell them you’re worried it’ll explode. They’ll probably give you a new one as it sounds like the battery is overcharging and that could cause an explosion. Also, use a UL listed charger only. (thanks chatroom!)

Watch Glenn from North Carolina Comments

Glenn wants to extend his local area network about 250 yards. Leo says that’s quite a distance for wireless networking. Netgear sells range extenders, but it’s a challenge at that distance. Make sure you get an extender that’s made by the same company as your router. And you’ll need directional antennas. But it’ll probably be cheaper just to get separate internet access.

Watch Matthew from Thousand Oaks, CA Comments

Matt is making apps for a business and they want to see a demo. Suggestions on what to build it on? Leo says that there are a number of apps that will help you create prototypes. They’re called AppBuilders. Try AppMakr. It’s cross platform. No coding needed. Another is Appcelerator. But once you get the gig, then it’s a best to use XCode and buy a Mac Mini to do it on. Unity 3D for games.

Watch Yvonne from Glendora, CA Comments

Yvonne has a Droid X but wants to get a new phone for business. Verizon. Leo says that on Verizon, Android is a bit limited. The Droid Razr MAXX is probably the best on Verizon. Nice large screen. Great battery life. Ice Cream Sandwich. The Samsung Galaxy Note may be coming to Verizon - dubbed the Journal. But it’s “ginormous.” The Galaxy Nexus may be to Yvonne’s liking.

Watch David from Rancho Cucamonga, CA Comments

David’s clients want USB drives that start up a browser and goes straight to their websites. Suggestions? Leo says that they do exist, they’re called U3 thumbdrives, but they’re highly dangerous since they can be modified to load malware. You can do it yourself. Google autorun.inf for how to launch. Microsoft has a technote on autorun, though, where they’ve disabled Autorun. So you’re probably out of luck there.

Watch Steve from Irvine, CA Comments

Steve has a neighbor who’s WiFi is so powerful that it messes up his stereo and other electronics. Leo says it’s more likely that a HAM antenna is causing the issue. In fact, it’s probably a piece of electronics that’s configured incorrectly or poorly designed. WiFi simply isn’t powerful enough to cause interference like that. Leo recommends getting to know the HAM operator in your neighborhood. He’ll help you to figure it out. You can also run WiFi Analyzer to see where the energy is least and use that channel.

Watch Zeiv from Laguna Beach, CA Comments

Zeiv wants to know if a non audiophile can benefit from external amps with headphones? Leo says that it makes a difference, but maybe not by much for the average user since few people have “golden ears.” Leo recommends going to to check out their Airhead Amps.

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Watch Rob from Idaho Comments

Rob got nailed by a PC virus, which he got rid of, but he now has no firewall. Leo says that the problem with viruses these days is that they usually invite more viruses to the party. So you can get rid of one and have a dozen more. And if your security applications aren’t working, that’s usually the sign that you’re still infected. That’s why Leo says the only way to really be sure is to backup your data, format your hard drive, and reinstall your OS from a known good source - and then update it until it’s got all the latest updates. Nuke it from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.

Watch Jason from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Jason thinks DirecTV is way too expensive now. So he’s thinking of cutting the cord. Problem is he loves live sports. Leo says that sports franchises are starting to get the message and are providing apps for watching games. Major League Baseball is available through the ROKU, AppleTV, etc. It’s a bit expensive, but you get every game. Sadly, they honor blackouts though. NFL Sunday Ticket is on the PS3 now. So we’re in a transition period where the pro sports franchises are starting to wake up to where the audience is heading.

Watch Gary from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Gary got bit by a “redirect” virus called “Happily.” And everytime he tries to search for a solution, it forwards to the Happily website. Viruses can be removed, but you have no guarantee you’ve gotten every virus - since viruses tend to open the door for dozens of others. That’s why Leo says the only way to really be sure is to backup your data, format your hard drive, and reinstall your OS from a known good source - and then update it until it’s got all the latest updates. Nuke it from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.

Watch Doug from Denver, CO Comments

Doug is blind and wants a screen reader with Linux. Leo says that’s a hard nut to crack when Mac and Windows have very mature assistive technologies. You could use WINE, which allows Windows programs to run on Linux, but the number is limited. From the chatroom - NVDA and then LDR and Orca on Gnome.

Watch Don from Montana Comments

Don is planning a once in a lifetime vacation to cruise Spain and Europe. What gadgets should they bring along to keep in touch? Leo says that while you can bring along an iPad. And not a 3G one as 3G will be expensive. A wifi only will give you the ability to go to a local coffee shop with WiFi to do your thing. A world phone (GSM), like the iPhone, will work world wide. Just make sure you get an international data roaming package. This is crucial otherwise you’ll end up with a cell bill in the thousands! And it’s important to remember that being shipboard, internet access is SLOW. Time your online time to very early in the morning or late in the evening when few are online for the best speed on the boat.