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Watch John from Mission Viejo, CA Comments

John bought Carbonite and two weeks later he needed it. Easiest restore ever. Another satisfied customer!

John is having a family reunion and wants to have a video chat that can be recordable for those who can’t be there. Leo says that there are call recorders for Skype. eCamm’s Call Recorder does a great job with both audio and video. On Windows, Leo says that Pamela gives good results and it also records chat. Record 15 minutes for free. Longer, you gotta pay for it. Try the trial first just in case. In fact, Leo recommends testing with Skype long before so if you have to tweak it with updates, etc. you have the time to do it.

(Disclaimer: Carbonite is a sponsor)

Watch Bill (WP4KV) from San Juan, PR Comments

Bill has built his CAT 5 Ethernet network, and he has a long distance issue. Is there a way to include the longer distance computer? Leo says that a Balin is the way to go on that. But it isn’t cheap. Leo recommends going to for inexpensive cabling.

Watch Ron from Temecula, CA Comments

He’s having trouble booting into his computer after getting bit by a virus during a download. Leo says that Ron should unplug it from your network and then create a boot disk to boot up directly from a CD. That way Ron can at least try and recover his data. Get on another computer and go to Ultimate Boot CD. Then create it. Then, you can run an antivirus to clean it up. Or at least get your data off it. Then reformat the hard drive and reinstall Windows from a known, good source.

Watch Peter from Buffalo, NY Comments

Peter has an eCommerce site for amateur astronomers. He’s been using SquareSpace to rebuild the site, but there’s no paid membership module to charge his members a monthly fee. Leo says SquareSpace has an audience feature. Peter wants an auto billing feature, rather than a manual option. They do have Paypal integration. There’s also Adobe Catalyst, but Leo thinks it’ll put Peter in the same manual issue. Amazon payments is another option.

From the Chatroom, we have a few interesting solutions - WordPress has plugins like WP-Members. There’s also a website called AMember which will work with WordPress, ZenFolio, and more. An ideal solution.

Watch Dennis from Glendale, CA Comments

Dennis needs a high end project manager that can understand databases. And it has to be custom. Leo suggests going to to find a professional programmer. There’s over 1 million programmers on eLance and it’s a great place to find one.

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Watch David from Merced, CA Comments

David has been having trouble installing some Apps on Windows after being bit by a virus, then it cleared up. Leo says it’s likely he had an out of date installer and once Windows updated the installer, he was able to install apps again. So when you have to reinstall your OS, always run Windows update until all updates are downloaded and installed.

Watch Stacey from San Diego, CA Comments

Stacey has a teenager who’s very bright and she wants to monitor his internet activity without him knowing (so he won’t bypass it). Leo says that it’s philosophically best to be up front and either give them privacy or let them know up front you’re monitoring their use. Solutions like Cyber Patrol are options, but kids know how to get around the tools. What Leo likes is OpenDNS. This site will block sites you don’t want them to visit and keep track of what they’re visiting without looking over their shoulder. It’s a great solution. And also put that PC in a public area. Just that alone will prevent them from going somwhere you don’t want them to.

Watch Carl from Camarillo, CA Comments

Carl had Verizon 4G MiFi Brick, but he started to see his WiFi signal drop out. Leo says that sounds like it’s WiFi radio is busted. The chatroom says that there’s a firmware update which addresses this issue. So it’s always a good idea to check with your gadget manufacturer for firmware updates from time to time.

Carl has a cool site which is Rotten Tomatoes for Cars! Check it out at

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Watch Naomi from Denver, CO Comments

Naomi wants to get a wireless router connect to her other DSL router from the basement. She can see it, but she can’t connect. Leo says that probably the best way is to go down through the walls with an ethernet cable (Leo recommends Cat 5e or Cat 6). But there’s also Powerline Networking. This uses the powerlines in your house to transmit your data. You just have to make sure you don’t have a junction box. You can also use WDS repeater which is the same manufacturer as the original, which may be problemetic for Naomi’s DSL router. Best way is probably go with an Airport Exteme, or Airport Express which can pass the signal along from the DSL router.

Watch Ralph from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Ralph has Metro PCS and needs a signal booster to get his cell signal. Leo says that any signal booster will likely do, but it may be where you place it to be the issue. You have to find where there is a signal so you can boost the signal to where you can’t. Leo recommends Wilson Electronics. Another option is a FemToCell/Microcell. If Metro PCS supports it. It uses your WiFi to create Cell service.

Watch Vac from Tampa, FL Comments

Vac is having trouble installing an OS on his hard drive. Leo says that the drive may have some bad sectors that are preventing the OS from installing. There is a utility that can map out bad sectors so the installer will skip over them, it’s called SpinRite. But it costs more than a new hard drive! So while the cure is out there, it’s really cheaper to just replace the drive and start over.

Watch Sam from San Diego, CA Comments

Sam's spell check in Word 2010 is only picking up some of the mis-spelled words, not all of them. Leo says in his experience it's done a really good job, except of course when a word is misused in a certain context. First he should make sure he's using the US English dictionary. If it still doesn't work, he should reinstall Word. He should make sure he installs the full dictionary when he does this, too.

Watch Donald from Carpinteria, CA Comments

He has an iPad app that he uses for a teleprompter now. The problem is, if the iPad is off the camera axis, it will look like the person on camera is looking off to the side. Teleprompters use one-way mirrors. The mirrors reflect a computer screen which is below it, and behind that mirror is the camera. So when the host reads off the screen, they'll actually be looking right into the camera. The ones used at TWiT cost a lot of money, though. He could go to B&H Photo and find a mount for an iPad, but TWiT didn't get the iPad mounts because a simple display is cheaper than an iPad.

Watch Chris from Miami, FL Comments

Leo uses "Wi-Fi Analyzer" on Android which gives a graph and shows all the Wi-Fi channels and what kind of activity there is on each, as it's happening. There may be a similar app on iOS, but he'll have to search the app store for it.