What Phone Can I Get for Under $400

Episode 1846 (16:40)

Suzie from West Covina, CA
Moto G Power

Suzie is looking to get a new mobile phone to replace the Moto G5 she previously had. She has a budget of $300-$400. Leo says that tier is a mid-level tier and there are some good phones in that price range, including the Motorola G9. There's also the Moto G Power, which offers a lot more battery life. $229 for 128GB, Pretty good 48MP camera. Qualcomm processor with good performance. 

Another option is the One Plus. The Nord series is pretty good. The Samsung A series is also a good option.

She's also thinking of switching to Mint Mobile. Leo says he likes Mint. Runs on T-Mobile, so she'll need to be sure they have good coverage in her area. Another thing to see is if switching carriers will get her a new phone for free or even for a better deal just for switching.