Should I Get an SSD to Back Up My Computer?

Episode 1846 (59:20)

Mary Jo from Amarillo, TX

Mary Jo wants to get an external hard drive to back up her old computer. Her daughter says to get an SSD. True? For booting up to the computer, an SSD is ideal. But it's not necessary for a backup drive. A spinning hard drive is fine. If she was buying a new PC or upgrading the main drive in the computer, then an SSD would be the way to go. But for backup, a spinning drive works fine for that purpose. Should she upgrade to Windows 10? Leo says yes.

If she buys a new computer, should she buy a Chromebook? Leo says that Windows is really overpowered for most people. Leo likes Chromebooks for most applications. It's far more secure and easier to use. It's just a browser. For everyday use, it'll do it all. And they're cheaper than a Windows machine. Leo recommends the Acer Spin.