Should I Cut the Cord in Favor of LTE at Home?

Episode 1846 (1:30:15)

Ray from Lagrange, GA
Verizon LTE

Ray has DSL, but he's thinking of switching to Verizon LTE Home Internet. Promising 25-50 MBPS up. That's twice what he's getting DSL. Leo says that LTE and 5G have gotten as fast as DSL and if he has plenty of coverage in the area, it could be an option. But he'll want to be sure he can get enough data, and what the bandwidth caps are before they slow him down. And don't fall for the siren song of "Unlimited" data. They could promise that, but they could also slow him down after a set limit to where it's so slow, it's unusable. The devil is in the details. But Leo says it should be better than DSL. 

He'll also want to see if he's paying for the rental of a router. Can he use his own? Or is it required? Buying the router outright could save him money in the long run.