Rod Pyle ... a pile of junk (in space)

Episode 1846 (2:09:00)

Rod Pyle

Rod is back with the week in space news. And the news is that there's a lot of space junk up there that could cause problems for orbiting. The astronauts had to take refuge on the ISS because of a Russian anti-satellite test that blew up an old cold war satellite. That created tons of junk, 1500 pieces, traveling thousands of miles an hour towards the ISS.  If that sounds familiar, it was the plot of GRAVITY. Even a paint flake could cause serious damage at 32,000 mph. This just adds to a dense cloud of space-based assets that are orbiting our planet. It's so bad, the ISS has to dodge things from time to time. Will this become a problem? Rod says if you get enough stuff up there, they could impact each other and a chain reaction of debris. This is why we have to track every piece of hardware that gets put up there. And with SpaceX putting up thousands of internet satellites, it's getting more problematic.

So the new focus is trying to retask old hardware or scoop it up and deorbit it. 

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