Do I Need an AVS with Windows 11?

Episode 1846 (40:30)

Tom from Tampa, FL

Tom has a rapid-fire series of questions - 

1. Upgraded to Windows 11. Does he need antivirus? Leo says Windows Defender comes with it and it's all users need.

2. Is a VPN good for gaming? Leo says no. It'll slow gamers down. VPNs are good for privacy, but it really depends on what one's "threat level" is online. 

3. His smart TV. Is there one remote to rule them all? Leo says that the Logitech Harmony was until Logitech recently discontinued them. But he may be able to buy one. It's still on the Logitech website.

4. SimpliSafe. Is it secure? Leo says that it's very good at patching security flaws. So there's little to worry about. If he's worried about the signal getting hijacked or spoofed, he can always take down the security signs and put up another brand's sign instead.  Like ADT.