What's a Great Gaming Laptop to Play Video Games?

Episode 1845 (1:52:11)

Fletch from Groveland, FL
RTX 3080

Fletch wants to get a better gaming laptop so he can beat his son in Call of Duty. He's a soldier based in Germany, and they want to play together online. But he needs a new computer to do it. Leo recommends playing Valheim. It's very adventure-based. So is New World. See if he likes that one. But he will definitely need a decent computer. Leo recommends the Alienware laptops. He can also customize them with discreet graphics GPUs. Get the RTX 3080 if money is no object. 65GB of RAM. 17" display. i9 processor. Pretty sweet machine. It just comes down to budget. But Alienware is top of the line. Another option is ASUS ROG (Republic of Gamers).