Should I Use Fastmail or Hover for a Paid Email Service?

Episode 1845 (1:59:55)

Micah from Maine

Micah wants to get a domain name for his email. Should he go with Hover over FastMail? Leo says that FastMail is great, but they are expensive with storage. Hover is about 1/3 the price, but customers pay for each email address they need. FastMail gives an unlimited number of email addresses. Both are solid IMAP options. Leo prefers separating his domain registrar from his services. That way, if he decides to change the email provider, he can without having issues. 

But Leo advises Hover. Mikah Sargeant uses both Hover and Fast Mail. He prefers FM though because he can use it with his password vault. Leo also says that FastMail uses Sieve for email spam filtering. It's really good.  Hover has several different email plans though, so he could save some money by going with a lower tier.