How Can I Improve My WiFi?

Episode 1845 (37:20)

Victoria from Pasadena, CA

Victoria wants to know about WiFi extenders. Leo says that WiFi extenders help give better coverage in the home. WiFi doesn't travel well through walls and people. So the best way to improve WiFi is to place a router up higher in the house. Like on a shelf. It's also a good idea to use a router that is dual-band. Let smart devices use the 2.4 band, while you use the 5.0 band. A Mesh WiFi router will also help solve the problem because users can add satellites that can expand a mesh network and improve the coverage. Mesh routers also have a separate backchannel for talking to the base station, so bandwidth isn't cut in half. 

Another option is powerline networking, which uses an electrical grid to manage the network. It's become really good the last few years.