Can I Use a Laptop for Doing 3D Graphics?

Episode 1845 (53:10)

Robert from Murrieta, CA

Robert wants to do 3d graphics on a laptop. What laptop should he get? Leo says that he'll need a discreet processor or desktop-grade video card to be able to run it. That generates a lot of heat, and laptops already tend to run hot because of no real fans. He can get a desktop-grade laptop that is designed for gaming. Or, he can look into an M1 Apple laptop. They make the best GPUs for laptops right now and are desktop 3080 grade. Very comparable to desktops. So an M1 Mac is what he'll really want. But he will have to be sure his software can work natively with it. Should he wait until Black Friday? Leo says it depends on supply. The backlog is a few months right now. But it won't be cheap.

If he goes with a desktop, will that be cheaper? Leo says desktops will be faster. If on a budget, the Lenovo Legion 7 is a good option. about $1500. Leo recommends the GeForce graphics cards.