Apple Announces Self Repair Initiative

Episode 1845 (02:05)

 Self Repair Initiative

After fighting the right to repair movement for years, Apple announced this week a new program that will allow iPhone users to repair their own devices. The program starts with mobile phones, but Apple plans to expand to tablets, desktops, and maybe even laptops. The program will make parts available, as well as repair manuals. 

You have to use genuine Apple parts bought by Apple. You can't scavenge for used Apple parts online. Users will also have to send Apple back the broken part, but for a small refund. Additionally, repair shops don't have access to buying parts. So users who opt to not do it themselves will have to order the part for the repair store to do. But Leo cautions that repairs are difficult for the enthusiast. Maybe 1 in 1000 will do it. So it's largely a PR gesture