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Episode 1845 November 20, 2021

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Ernest from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Ernest bought a Lenovo Legion Gaming Tower recently, and it started emitting a loud humming sound after crashing. There's nothing on the screen. Leo suspects that it may be a faulty power supply.  It should be under warranty for repair, but Ernest says he's had problems getting Best Buy or Lenovo to do anything about it, even though he bought the extended warranty coverage for it. All they will do is access the computer via remote access. He finally managed to get a tech out to repair it, but now it won't even turn on. And all Lenovo will do is fix it, if he ships the computer back to them. Best Buy is now repairing it, for over a month! He wants his money back. What can he do? 

Leo says that California has a Lemon Law for computers. But people have to go through the process of letting them repair it before they can get their money back. 

The good news is, that Best Buy may have repaired it by replacing it. So Leo recommends trying to push the computer to see if the problem occurs. If not, good news, it's fixed! If it does break, he'll have a case for the Lemon Law.

Watch George from New York, NY Comments

George has an iPad Pro and after the recent iOS15 update, when he does screen capture, he gets duplicates! How can he stop it? Mikah Sargeant wonders if a shortcut or something like If This Then That is doing it. But George says he doesn't use those. Or, since George has an iPhone, the Photos app may be syncing the iPad photos to the iPhone, making a duplicate. 

From the chatroom - This is similar to a problem that happened in iOS12. Check out this discussion on Reddit -


Watch Victoria from Pasadena, CA Comments

Victoria wants to know about WiFi extenders. Leo says that WiFi extenders help give better coverage in the home. WiFi doesn't travel well through walls and people. So the best way to improve WiFi is to place a router up higher in the house. Like on a shelf. It's also a good idea to use a router that is dual-band. Let smart devices use the 2.4 band, while you use the 5.0 band. A Mesh WiFi router will also help solve the problem because users can add satellites that can expand a mesh network and improve the coverage. Mesh routers also have a separate backchannel for talking to the base station, so bandwidth isn't cut in half. 

Another option is powerline networking, which uses an electrical grid to manage the network. It's become really good the last few years.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Robert from Murrieta, CA Comments

Robert wants to do 3d graphics on a laptop. What laptop should he get? Leo says that he'll need a discreet processor or desktop-grade video card to be able to run it. That generates a lot of heat, and laptops already tend to run hot because of no real fans. He can get a desktop-grade laptop that is designed for gaming. Or, he can look into an M1 Apple laptop. They make the best GPUs for laptops right now and are desktop 3080 grade. Very comparable to desktops. So an M1 Mac is what he'll really want. But he will have to be sure his software can work natively with it. Should he wait until Black Friday? Leo says it depends on supply. The backlog is a few months right now. But it won't be cheap.

If he goes with a desktop, will that be cheaper? Leo says desktops will be faster. If on a budget, the Lenovo Legion 7 is a good option. about $1500. Leo recommends the GeForce graphics cards. 

Watch John from Portugal Comments

John retired to Portugal. He wants to get a phone that he can use in Spain. WhatsApp is very popular for making long-distance calls in Europe because it's so expensive for mobile. Leo says that in the EU, there is no roaming, but that doesn't apply to regular long-distance rates, which are expensive overseas. Google Voice won't work in Portugal. Leo also suggests TalkaTone, which he can voice-enable the iPad to make calls. WhatsApp is great, but everyone has to be using it, and it won't work with landlines. 

Leo says that going to will give some idea of how much voice and data is in overseas countries. 

Watch Gary from Cheektowaga, NY Comments

Gary bought a Vostro laptop to do gaming. It comes with a Thunderbolt 4 port. What can he use it for? Leo says he can use a backup external hard drive with it for saving data, he can connect a monitor to it, and he can even use a USB-C drive in it. It'll drive the fastest hard drives made. And if traveling, he can charge using a Type-C cable and connector, so he can leave the heavy AC adapter at home.

Can I use something other than Windows? Leo says sure. He can also put either Linux or ChromeOS on it.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Billy from San Diego, CA Comments

Billy used to play a lot of 80s/90s video games using an emulator on his Mac. But since he's upgraded to the M1 Mac, he can't seem to get them running. Google has blacklisted the site that he uses. Leo says that MAME is safe, so make sure he's using the right website address. Another is OpenEMU. Leo suspects that Google is giving that warning because using video game ROMs is considered piracy, even though MAME is legal. So they may be considering it piracy for legal reasons. 

He can also play them on the web. A good place to check for vintage games is the Internet Archive.

Watch Fletch from Groveland, FL Comments

Fletch wants to get a better gaming laptop so he can beat his son in Call of Duty. He's a soldier based in Germany, and they want to play together online. But he needs a new computer to do it. Leo recommends playing Valheim. It's very adventure-based. So is New World. See if he likes that one. But he will definitely need a decent computer. Leo recommends the Alienware laptops. He can also customize them with discreet graphics GPUs. Get the RTX 3080 if money is no object. 65GB of RAM. 17" display. i9 processor. Pretty sweet machine. It just comes down to budget. But Alienware is top of the line. Another option is ASUS ROG (Republic of Gamers).

Watch Micah from Maine Comments

Micah wants to get a domain name for his email. Should he go with Hover over FastMail? Leo says that FastMail is great, but they are expensive with storage. Hover is about 1/3 the price, but customers pay for each email address they need. FastMail gives an unlimited number of email addresses. Both are solid IMAP options. Leo prefers separating his domain registrar from his services. That way, if he decides to change the email provider, he can without having issues. 

But Leo advises Hover. Mikah Sargeant uses both Hover and Fast Mail. He prefers FM though because he can use it with his password vault. Leo also says that FastMail uses Sieve for email spam filtering. It's really good.  Hover has several different email plans though, so he could save some money by going with a lower tier.