Why Can't Siri Read My Email?

Episode 1844 (1:24:20)

Ed from Las Vegas, NV

Ed is blind and uses Siri on the iPhone to help him read stuff. But lately, Siri stopped reading his emails. Leo says that Apple has deprecated that function in Siri, so it doesn't work anymore. Apple recommends using voiceover, but it's much more complex and cumbersome to use. Leo says it makes no sense that Apple has made that change. One of the things that made Siri worth using was that it could read back your email and other text reading functions. WHY APPLE? Apple has confirmed that they took it out, and it's "under review." So there's no telling if Apple will restore the function. Apple can fix it. But will they

iOS is known for its excellent accessibility features, and this is a definite step backwards. It may be a decision designed to protect privacy, but it's hurting people who rely on the feature for their everyday use.

Check out AppleVIS.com. It's a community of blind and vision-challenged users using Apple products.